Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mardi Gras!

After debating the merits of a themed menu, and then considering which country to base my theme upon, I opted for a whole separate path, toward ease of preparation (this event will be taking place around 9 a.m., after all!) Here's what I have planned:

Sour cream coffeecake with berry-streusel topping

Polenta and egg bake with Match sausage

Salmon-stuffed eggs

Yogurt-crunch-fruit parfaits

There may be more, depending on how the morning goes! But this should get us off to a good start for the parade; we'll leave around 11 a.m.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered a dish. I'd like to give you the option of bringing a morning beverage (wine, sparkling wine, juice, etc.) or a post-parade snack. However, you're more than welcome to just bring yourselves -- we'll even supply a few beads to get you in the mood!

The address is 3230 S. 9th St. We're just off the Arsenal exit from Interstate 55, but it's sometimes closed to eastbound traffic on parade day. To circumnavigate, turn right onto Arsenal, then take the first left (onto Lemp), proceed south about two blocks and turn left again (onto Utah). You'll cross the interstate overpass and see our house ahead on the left, directly across from the church, at the corner of Utah and Ninth. If the exit is open, you can just drive toward the brewery and turn right at Ninth; we're two blocks ahead on the left. If you get lost, call 314.771.6322.


Amy said...

Oh wow - it sounds like a blast. I'll update with my beverage or snack soon!

Jill said...

wow, yum! sorry i missed out on those goodies! how did it all go that day anyways?